Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo Quiz #1 (Answer)

Thank you all for participating. Everyone who submitted an answer got this one correct! I thought maybe someone would be stumped by the fact that this bird does not have a red tail. You guys are too smart for that!

This bird has the dark marks on the leading edges of the underwing that are characteristic of a Red-tailed Hawk. These are known as patagial marks.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawks often have strongly barred tails, a belly band and pale, rectangular "windows" near the end of the wing. Adults have red tails and more even-colored wings. Adults tend to have less of a belly band.

I took this photo of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in Kiptopeke State Park, Virginia on November 17, 2007.

Here are all the people who submitted correct answers:

Karen Carlsen
Susan Culliney
Ben Dranetz
Baron Gibson
David Kramer
Gary Lefko
Jessica Lux
Jen McCabe
Grant Pullen
Nerissa Rujanevech
Mark Stackhouse
Joel Such
Marcel Such
Deirdre Viel



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