Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photo Quiz #5 (Answer)

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Thanks for participating! Here is the answer:

So, why is this not a Western Bluebird? Well, the bird has a nice blue color on the head and upperpart of the wing. So, if this is a bluebird, then this blue suggests the bird is a male. However, male Western Bluebirds have mostly blue bellies. Also, you can see a white wing stripe on this bird which bluebirds don't have. The white belly and white wing stripe point to a breeding male Lazuli Bunting. These birds are fairly common in arid, brushy habitats such as desert canyons.

I took this photo (through my binoculars) of a Lazuli Bunting in May 2007 in Rabbit Valley, CO.

Here are the people who submitted correct answers:

Martin Gerra
Jessica Lux
Sarah Quinlivan
Joel Such
Marcel Such
Deirdre Viel
Harley Winfrey



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